Air Conditioning

As one of the most trusted central air conditioning services companies in Florida, Premier Comfort Services, Inc. is ready to provide you with the reliable cooling you need all year long.

Premier Comfort Services, Inc. goes the extra mile to ensure all of our customers are satisfied. In addition, our licensed and trained technicians participate in continuous training to ensure they stay on top of the latest tools and trends in the AC industry.

Our extensive central air conditioning services include repair, annual maintenance, and new unit installation. 

We also handle leak repair and refrigerant recharge. Our air conditioning technicians are highly experienced and can work on most major AC equipment brands, such as Goodman, Amana, Rheem, Ruud, and Lennox.

A 100% satisfaction guarantee covers our work, so your air-conditioned comfort is assured.

AC Repair

Suppose your central air conditioning doesn’t start correctly, fails to cool your home or evenly distribute air, makes excessive noise, or increases your monthly utility bills. In that case, it may be time to consider an air conditioning repair from Premier Comfort Services, Inc. We have trained and licensed HVAC technicians standing by to help you get cool with a professional central air conditioning repair. Our team will get your AC back running in no time.

AC Installation

At Premier Comfort Services, Inc., we know the value that a modern, energy-efficient system can bring to your home. If your unit is over 8 years of age, needs repair often, has drastically increased the cost of your energy bills, and does not maintain the comfort of your home, you may need an air conditioning replacement. Our qualified AC replacement technicians can examine your system and recommend you new air conditioning installation options.

AC Maintenance

Nothing keeps you cooler than a well-running air conditioner in your home. Unfortunately, an air conditioner that has not been properly maintained runs the risk of a sudden breakdown resulting in costly repairs. It can also result in higher energy costs every month as it loses its ability to cool your home efficiently and is forced to work harder..

An air conditioning tune-up will significantly reduce the chances your central air conditioning system breaks down when you need it the most. As a result, air conditioning maintenance will save you time, money, and the headache of an unexpected problem when you least expect it.


Temperatures in Florida rarely drop to freezing points, even during winter. However, there are those nights when the air gets cold enough that you’ll need to turn on your furnace or heater. If you find your heating system unable to keep your home warm or not turning on at all, reach out to Premier Comfort Services, Inc.

We are ready and equipped to get your heater back up. From furnace and heater repairs to replacements, new installations, and maintenance, our team is professionally trained and experienced to ensure a job is done the right way and to your satisfaction.